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Lorenz Snack-World is a family-owned company headquartered in Germany and one of the leading players in the European snack market. Dating back to 1889, the company produces chips, pretzel sticks, crackers, and nuts. Quality has always been the main concern at Lorenz-Snack World, leading her to replace palm oil with sunflower oil in all its products in 2017. Its portfolio includes established brands such as Crunchips, Pomsticks, Curly, Saltletts, Chipsletten, NicNac‘s, Peppies, Clubs, and World Selection. With production sites and owned distribution companies in seven countries in Europe and Asia, Lorenz Snack-World exports its products to over 80 countries across the world.

Lorenz-Snack World's products are available in large variety in the Greek market and are highly successful. They are also widely available in the tourism market, as Lorenz-Sanck World is Germans' most favorite salty snack brand. Their distribution has already begun in the organized retailing too, offering Greek consumers a combination of unique quality and special flavors. - Home Section

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