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Isostar is the first exercise drink specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of athletes. Created in Switzerland in 1977, Isostar helps athletes excel themselves and achieve their objectives by hydrating and providing them energy through glycose. To achieve its mission, the company is constantly optimizing and expanding its product portfolio with the help of experts, such as nutritionists, R&D engineers and sports coaches. In addition, the company maintains an open communication channel with elite athletes from different sports to stay informed about the nutrition requirements specific to their sport. Isostar is exported to 33 countries worldwide.

Greek athletes, both professional and amateurs, have distinguished Isostar for its carbohydrates to electrolyte and price to value ratios. Isostar products are available in Greece in liquid form (PET 500ml) and powder (400g that produce five liters of isotonic drink). - Home Section

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