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Lotus Bakeries is a Belgium-based bakery company founded in 1932. Back then, the Boone family baked decorative caramelized biscuits and delivered them door-to-door. Today, the company leverages on its history and tradition of craftsmanship to provide original, high-quality specialties from the biscuit and the cake world, including the famous caramelized biscuit Lotus Biscoff. 
Lotus Bakeries has production facilities in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Sweden, and owns 16 sales distribution companies in Europe, America, and Asia. 

Lotus biscuits have been sold in Greece for almost 25 years and have been established as the most delicious and crispy Speculoos (coffee biscuits). Greek consumers can now enjoy the unique experience of Lotus biscuits at home too, as the company's products are available in supermarkets. Fotoni is planning to introduce a new product in 2018 that will definitely be met with enthusiasm. - Home Section

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Driven by quality and innovation, Fotoni is committed to offer professional solutions that enhance consumers' lives. - Home Section


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